Monday, March 20, 2017

Paper Brain, First Dandelions, A Porch Sit And A Gripe (w/pic)

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Back when I was self-employed, I used a little notebook to make lists of thinks that I needed to accomplish the next day. After I’d written down everything that I could think of, I’d go back through and prioritize them. Additions and reprioritizing would sometimes occur as time went on. As I went through that day, I’d mark off each task as it was accomplished. Now that I’m a senile old geezer, I’ve learned that its time to relearn that habit, except that many days, I do nothing, so one list might last for a week. I use the same miniature notebook to record things that I might wish to keep a record of, also. As you can see from the beginning date on mine, one of the little volumes lasts a while; it’s still only 2/3 full.

Beside it is another notebook in which I mark my medications as I take them. The right to left downward stroke stands for my morning pills. The left to right downward stroke stands for my afternoon water pill. The horizontal line stands for my vitamins and mineral supplements, when I remember to take them. The vertical line stands for my night-time pills. As you can see, I don’t always remember every pill. I used to joke about old folks and their pills; now I make asterisks in a book to try to remember mine.

At Chinamart the other day, it was obvious that my first picking of wild greens may occur soon, since a nearby bank is getting rather fuzzy with green growth. Today, as I drove by the former Bob Evan’s Restaurant near Route 50, I saw a huge bank covered with dandelion blooms. The bees should be happy, if there ARE any.

Early this evening, after locating a couple 4” blocks to support the back corners of my mill frame and cutting off a piece of pipe to use in repairing my old office chair, I parked myself in the porch swing for a while. I won’t give you my usual description of the scene, but suffice it to say that it was a pleasant few minutes.

We watched MASH this evening, as usual. We don’t watch it because it’s so great, but because everything else on at that time is worse. They have the worst jerk in the camp reading his Bible at times so in today’s first episode, Hawk-Eye made the comment that he wouldn’t want a room without a Bible. In a recent show, they had a nurse showing prejudice towards Koreans by referring to them as “gooks.” I found it very telling that they made the woman from Alabama, instead of Alan Alda’s home state of Maine. Yankees are NEVER prejudiced, you realize. Oh well, he may choose to live in Maine, but everyone with any sense realizes that he’s STILL a Hollywood suck_ss liberal a-hole. © 2017


Ralph Goff said...

Back in the days of the two channel universe we always watched Mash I liked Hawkeye even though he seemed a bit of a smart aleck and know it all type.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's okay when they do silliness like F Troop or Hogan's Heroes, or poignant stuff dealing with human emotions, but when they try to do social commentary, they get self-righteous really quick.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I don't watch MASH but did like the book, it was a very small book that had a neat story that really sounded like it could have been true. It was a story and it ended but the TV show just dragged on longer than the war that it portrays. The movie was funny and only lasted a couple hours and didn't have alan alda's constant one liners and the fake laugh track rolling constantly. If a TV show needs to have a recorded laugh track then there is a problem from the very start, think about it.

deborah harvey said...

knew a doc who was a medic in korea. said mash was just like his unit.
am sure it was based on reality with names changed to protect the guilty! [the book, i mean].

Judy said...

Some of the most bigoted people I ever meet were from Michigan.

Gorges Smythe said...

I never read it, but you're right about laugh tracks, SF.

LOL - I couldn't say, Judy, but I know there are certainly some in Ohio and California!