Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trivial Saturday Stuff

The missus and I splurged for the first time in ages and ate lunch out today. The food was good, but I wasn’t impressed by the speck of lettuce on the outside of my tea glass, or the one on my knife. Since I knew I wouldn’t be using the knife and it was the OUTSIDE of the glass, I didn’t bother saying anything. The problem is twofold, first, the restaurants are forced to use the crappy detergent sold by the dish-washing machine company, or their warranty is voided and second, the kids in the kitchen overload the washer to where some of the silverware and dishes don’t get washed properly anyway. Don’t even THINK that the kids actually LOOK to see if things are clean.

Afterward, we went to Chinamart to get some of our groceries. We have to use a different brand of water these days, as they’ve quit carrying our brand, but I went online and learned that a different chain in Ohio may have it. My wife and I were both raised with well water and both have some stomach problems. If we try to use some brands, our stomachs soon start giving us trouble. Drinking tap water, with all its chlorine, fluoride and Lord knows what else, is akin to slow suicide for us. In case there’s any moron out there who insists that all water is the same, keep your mouth shut; just because you’re a moron doesn’t mean that you have to prove it.

We all know that most people are goofy these days. As we left Chinamart, I saw a young woman with her butt cheeks hanging far below her shorts which, in turn, barely showed below her winter coat.

Once at home, I tried using the internet again. My computer goes into sit and spin mode after a few minutes anymore, making the internet almost unusable for me. I just cleaned, defragged and dumped the cookies and such, so I know it’s none of those things causing the problem. The guru says he has some similar problems with a different provider and says that at least some of the problem is Google looking for hacks and other illegal activity. My computer does fine with internal tasks like using Word and sorting files, so I know it’s not my computer. Despite the fact that my provider just jacked up their prices again, I believe the problem is that usage of my local line is more than the provider’s equipment can handle. I’m thinking about going to Dish TV, but I’m sure I won’t save any money, as they make up the packages in such a way that you have to get the most expensive combo to get anything worth watching, while paying for about 150 channels that aren’t even of interest to me.

I’m playing musical chairs with my computer. I use an old oak chair until my backside hurts, then use a worn-out swivel chair until my spine and neck hurt, then reverse, reverse, reverse. I think I’ve finally decided how to fix my old chair without paying for welding, so I’d best get to it. Between poor service and bad chairs, I’m about to give up on the internet. SO, it’s Saturday evening and there ain’t a cotton pickin’ thing on TV that interests the both of us. Such is life. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

If you have cell phone service you might get a USB device that uses the cell tower for internet.
We had a storm this afternoon and I got distracted and didn't check the woodwright again. We ended up going to Krogers this evening, I just can't bring myself to go to walmart unless absolutely necessary.
Not much on TV here, watching a Virginian from 63 that I have seen before but luckily forgot the ending.

Ralph Goff said...

So annoying when the internet quits, or even slows down. We get pretty good service from Sasktel here. I recently went 3 weeks without tv (Shaw) and did not suffer . As long as the internet is working there is an an almost infinite choice of information and entertainment. Hope yours gets back to normal soon.

Janet said...

We tossed our TV about fifteen years ago. I have no idea what is showing now. I have a laptop with satellite WiFi which works when the weather is clear and that seems to be all we need. Our nearest cell tower is over 6 miles away, so we sometimes have a problem calling out (no landline available). We have to stand on the porch to get a call out sometimes. lol I really don't mind all the privacy and spare time. We just garden a lot and have a once a month co-op food pickup forty miles away. Life is slow here.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've got a cell phone, SF, but not a smart phone.

And then there's ALWAYS work to do, eh, Ralph?

I'm sure your life is better for it, Janet.

deborah harvey said...

having the same problems here.
internet yesterday and today s l o w.
hope it just a search for hackers.
always been iffy but this is terrible.

Chickenmom said...

Thinking about changing my internet service to Dish. The cost is the same as cable and MAY be more reliable. Cable always goes out. I guess the hamster wheel that they use to generate their internet service breaks down a lot. Hubby has the Dish for his TV. I rarely, if ever watch it. There just has to be an easier and cheaper way to get on line....

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe it's all over, dh.

One reason that I've resisted so far, Cm, is changing my emails.