Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Little Bit More

Work done, that is. I split a big gnarly round of wood into usable sized pieces and stacked it today. Afterwards, I raked all the bark and leaves out of my miniature front yard "log-yard," so I could walk around more safely when I bring the last old oak treetop up to buck and split.

I noticed a couple yarrow sprouts by the trunk of the big white oak that serves as the "roof" of my work area on sunny days in summer. I think I'll leave them and even give them a shot of "night water" to see if they'll grow better. Since yarrow is a perennial, I could always add a little to my greens or dry it for medicinal tea. Now if I could just locate some bone-set. It grew on the farm, but I have yet to see any up here.

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