Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Little Today, Maybe A Little Tomorrow

That’s the way my work is around here. Perhaps a couple weeks ago, I dug a narrow-leaf dock that I’d planned to set in a second tire beside the first one I’d set out earlier. I put it in a Chinamart bag to keep the root-ball from drying out, but left the top open so it could get whatever rain came before I got it set out. Scheduling and weather interfered and I just got it set out today. Unfortunately, one edge of the tarp covering a nearby stack of wood got blown over it and the rather lush plant was all wilted and the root-ball very dry.

I cut the top off before I set it out, so the dry ball and damaged roots wouldn’t be supporting more top than it was able. I’m sure it will resprout. I then arranged the five poke roots I dug the other day in a circle around it, covered then with dirt and watered everything with a gallon of “night water.” I then planted the curly dock I dug the other day in a third tire and watered it with the same product.

I was disappointed that the poke roots in the first tire haven’t sprouted by now. Maybe the mold on them destroyed the buds. The deer have already pruned the first dock plant, but that’s okay. It will bring the top and roots into better balance for now. I may have to replant the poke in the first tire, but I’ll wait until fall if I do. I seem to see a good crop of chicory coming on near my front porch that should be good for planting around the third dock plant. Eventually, I’ll plant a dandelion plant between each poke plant. I’m noticing a lot of variation in the width of the dandelion leaves, so I’ll try to pick the plants that have the widest leaves, so they’d produce more volume of greens.

Friday or sometime, I cut the a couple poles to firewood length that were lying by the firewood stack, and cut the last treetop in the backyard into draggable lengths for the lawn tractor. Today, I stacked the pieces by the wood stack to make more room for the pieces I need to drag from the backyard. Maybe tomorrow (and maybe not). © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

That is the way it is here a little bit at a time only I am plowing up those weeds. It is hard to get something done all at once these days.

Ralph Goff said...

You are getting things done. Still a bit early for planting here although it is dry enough I don't usually plant a potato til the last week in April and even then that is early. At least the snow is gone.

Gorges Smythe said...

It may be time with you, SF; with me, it's energy.

Don't you just LOVE the color BROWN, Ralph? - lol