Sunday, April 9, 2017

An Unproductive But Decent Day

I didn’t get to sleep until after 3AM today, so it was 6:30 before I woke up and took the dog out. It was just light enough to see shapes in the darkness and a narrow band of dark gold along the eastern horizon. After the pooch drained, we took our places on the porch for a few minutes and listened to a cacophony of birdsong from the surrounding woods. The noise was so obvious that you could almost have thought you were in a jungle, or Australia if a kookaburra had sounded off. The sounds were so blended that it was hard to sort out any single bird. The feathered singers weren’t on the clock yet; they were just awakening from their slumbers and greeting the new day.

Gradually, the narrow line of gold in the east grew wider and lighter, and shapes began to take a more solid appearance. Finally, I could barely make out the grey of the barn across the road. Crows, previously silent, began to caw and took flight. Other birds grew quieter and began to move about. One bird alit by a mud-puddle in the driveway, but it was only by recognizing its silhouette that I knew it to be a robin. Just then, from a distance I’d estimate to be 200 yards behind the neighbor’s house across the road, I heard my first gobble of the year. I guess it’s that time. As much as I hated to end the Mighty Dachshund’s pleasure, I needed more sleep, so I called 15 minutes enough and took her in and returned to bed.

The missus wanted to go to the Chinamart on the far side of town today and pick up a couple things we missed yesterday. While she wandered there, I looked around a bit in the Lowes next door. I bought a couple 8x32x1/2 thumbscrews to make a ghost-ring sight for my single shot 30/30. The regular rear sight is halfway up the barrel, which doesn’t give you much of a sight radius. The thumbscrew will replace the rear filler screw where a scope mount would fit. With the proper sized hole and cut to the right length, the screw will make a perfectly functional sight. I did the same for my muzzleloader a few years ago.

I dug another dock plant from the side of a drainage ditch while waiting for my wife today. This one is a curly dock, the first two were narrow leaf dock. The first two will have poke plants around them in their tire-casing beds. I don’t know yet what I’ll plant with the curly dock—chicory perhaps. As all the plants get established, I’ll probably stick dandelions between them.

I was strangely tired when we returned to the house, so rather than work outside as I’d planned, I took a nap. It was exactly 12 hours after the first porch-sit when I sat down again with the pooch, this time for half an hour. It was a pleasant end to a beautiful sunny day, but I went inside long before sunset, so I could go online and then call my mother before it got too late.

I need to get my last two docks planted and five poke roots, so maybe I can work it in tomorrow. My wife seems to have our day planned though, so I can only hope that I have the time and the energy. Oh well, “hope springs eternal,” they say. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

You are going to have a fine crop of weeds one day and a lot of greens to eat!

Gorges Smythe said...

lol - That's the plan, SF. Remember, weeds are just vegetables that no-one likes.

Brenda said...

Love Spring Time. Just placed some mt. photos on face-book taken last week in the snow.

Gorges Smythe said...

It certainly is a WELCOME season, Brenda.