Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day By Day

April 2: As my internet has gotten less and less usable, the cable company decided that I needed a new modem. The guru agreed that was probably true. Not wanting to pay rent to the cable company for one, I bought one at Chinamart. When I hooked it up, though, the “status” light wouldn’t quit blinking and it insisted that I had no internet connection, which I knew to be a lie, unless the disconnect was within the new modem itself. Following the instructions that came with the modem, I tried to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it, only to learn there WAS no way to reinstall it. Worse, any OTHER search engines have been deleted from my computer, either through my own bungling, or through the “cleaning” that has been done on it a time or two. I guess the missing search engines could also have been caused by my computer crashing a year or so ago. Regardless, I now have literally no way to get on the internet.

April 3: I’d left a message on the guru’s phone on the 2nd, but he called when I was talking to my mother and I didn’t answer. In order to resist the “bigger hammer” method of “fixing” my computer, I simply stayed away from it. I did take my laptop when we went to town and got on Sear’s Wi-Fi long enough to inform my Facebook and Blogger friends of my situation. Either my laptop is losing its capabilities or their Wi-Fi leaves a WHOLE lot to be desired. This amount of aggravation makes me seriously consider giving up the internet altogether. I guess it WOULD save me $20 a month, but I would miss the convenience of research and my online friends.

A guy bought most of my stack of firewood today. He was going to pay full price for what he could haul in his short-bed pickup, but I knocked $5 off for him. I told him the aspen would pop and throw off sparks in his campfire, but it was “prettier” wood that the oak, which has punky sapwood, so he sorted out and took all the aspen. Go figure!

April 4: I had to restack what was left of the firewood, since the customer had practically tore up the stack sorting on the 3rd. I then split and stacked a few pieces of wood that had been lying near the stack. Afterward, I recovered the stack with a tarp and weighted it down with short poles and chunks of wood, so the heavy breeze today wouldn’t blow off the tarp.
I really should call the guru again and start figuring out whether to try getting my desktop back online or just use it really big paper weight.

April 5: Well, the cable company said that my modem wasn’t compatible, so I had to take it back and get another one. Then, I came home and installed it and called the cable company and gave them the numbers. They told me to wait until just past closing time and call them if I still didn’t have internet. Here it is, a beautiful day to work outside, and I have to fool with this. I did pour some naphtha into one of my gallon cans and put a sawchain in to soak and degrease while I was on the porch with the pooch. As it turned out, there wasn’t anything that the cable company could do from their end to restore my internet, so I emptied a USB drive, attached one of my dad’s dog-tags to it to help identify it and took it to the guru. He’ll probably be able to download a Google installer on it so I can put it on my computer on the 7th.

UPDATE: Something made me look in my Avast file this evening and, lo and behold, there was a Chrome installer icon. It worked, so that’s why I’m back online a day earlier than I expected. © 2017


deborah harvey said...

snow here in youngstown tomorrow.
daughter oversees our computer. when i ask questions she just tells me it is magic.

Ralph Goff said...

Glad you made it back Gorges. I know how frustrating the internet and computers can be but I'm afraid I'm hopelessly hooked on it.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - maybe she's right, dh, when it WORKS!

I could live without them, Ralph, but I'd really hate to do so.

Sixbears said...

My Internet provider (small company) told me they were upgrading my lines and equipment. The guys came in and did the job, for free. I pay for the slowest speeds as it's fast enough to watch Netflix. The installation guys say they never set things for that slow. Now it's about 4 times as fast. Also, for some reason, they are charging me about a dollar less per month. Good company to deal with. I know it's rare in the Internet world.

Lady Locust said...

Hot Diggity! Maybe YOU are the guru:)

Pumice said...

Welcome back. My son is a geek and we still have issues. Technology is wonderful, when it works.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're lucky (blessed), Sixbears. Not all companies are like that.

Hardly, LL, but I'm glad to be back pestering everyone again!

"When it works" are the operative words, Pumice.