Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Doolittle and Dunn

I didn’t get anything done today, except cash my check, divvy it out into envelopes for the budget, buy a couple small things I needed to mount a hand-hold on the porch post for my fall-prone missus and take a snooze while she wandered around Chinamart. I noticed a small clump of Philadelphia Fleabane blooming in the hard ground at the edge of the driveway when I got home. Maybe I should move it to better soil.

The other day, I told my wife to save the tops of the beets she bought and I’d eat them for greens (I don’t care for beets themselves). Today, she cooked them for me (stems and all) and I ate them with salted butter. They were mild and not the least bit bitter like wild greens, but had a different flavor than I was used to tasting in greens. I would eat them again, though I have to wonder about chemicals applied by the farmer. Wild greens still have the advantage THERE!

Today’s title is in honor of a distant neighbor who used to be a self-employed building contractor who sometimes joked about that being the name of his little company. © 2017


Janet said...

I've read the beet greens have more nutrition than the beet root. We are experimenting with lambs quarters or magenta spreen. Our yard has very few dandelions, but we are overgrown with poke. We are trying to learn our edible weeds around here and watch Eat the Weeds with Green Deane on you tube.

Glad you got the "knob" for the missus.

Lady Locust said...

I like the tops but not the beets too so you must have good taste. 😁 I like to just mix them in with salad greens though.

Gorges Smythe said...

Lambs quarter tastes good, Janet, but they always left my teeth feeling strange.

I'd planned on mixing mine with wild greens, LL, but since the missus went ahead and cooked them, I ate them.