Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lonely Tradition

My wife grew up in a family of seven kids and on a farm with a big flock of chickens. Coloring eggs, both banty and the larger sizes were a big part of Easter for her and her siblings. Being an artsy-craftsy type to begin with, she continued the tradition when she had her son, and with me when he was no longer interested.

When the first granddaughter came along, she envisioned herself coloring eggs with another generation. Sadly, despite the girl living only a few minutes away, that never happened. She had hopes once again, when the second granddaughter came along, but had the same experience. I’ve continued to color eggs with her most years, though I could sense the melancholy from old memories and denied opportunities.

Last night, I went in the kitchen and found six dye cups in the sink, and a dozen colored eggs in the fridge. Old ways die hard, and knowing that standing in one place makes my back hurt, I guess she decided not to mention it to me. I’m sort of glad that she won’t let disappointment stop her, but I hated that she had to color the eggs alone. © 2017


Glen Filthie said...

Too bad we didn't live a little closer Gorges. My wife used to take Easter eggs very seriously too. She could do some beautiful work. Post some pics if you have time...

Caddie said...

This made me feel so sad. It strongly pains me in disappointment to lose (oh, so many)opportunities to touch one another. We only live this life once. Yes, I know exactly how your wife misses a lost opportunity ....shucks, Gorges, "ifn" it was me liking to dye eggs, I'd do it whenever the notion hit me; you know, like having a spontaneous "Tea Time". ever day fun time. Ha, ha, but I'm notorious for wild ideas! Forget it. A happy day to you and wife.

Janet said...

Anytime is a good time to do things you want to do. I found a card the other day that was perfect for an old friend of mine. But drat, it was a birthday card and hers isn't until July. I bought it anyway and told her it reminded me of the two of us and it was either a very late or very early birthday card. She loved it.

Gorges Smythe said...

She just did simple basic colors this time, Glen - nothing fancy.

Thanks, Caddie; hope you've had a nice Easter.

Sometimes the crazy things are the most fun, Janet.