Saturday, June 17, 2017

More On Music

The missus wanted a salad badly enough today that she was willing to buy it, so we ate at Wendy’s before going to Chinamart for our main weekly grocery run. As we ate, she grumped about the loud and lousy music. She was right about being loud, but the music was from my youth, so I rather enjoyed the trip down memory lane. The missus is just enough older than me that she doesn’t care for the music that I listened to as a kid and young adult.

One number they played was from Saturday Night Fever. I didn’t remind her that I once knew the line dance from that show. Nor did I tell her that, during those days, I had a leisure suit, a “Disco Joe” shirt as we jokingly called them and a pair of platform shoes. Pretty strange threads for a kid who liked everything from classical to bluegrass and usually dressed in a T-shirt, jeans, a straw hat and a pair of western boots with traces of real honest-to-goodness horse pucky in the welt.

When I made my customary visit to the men’s room before leaving, they were playing the Cat Stevens’ version of “Another Saturday Night,” so THAT was the song that stuck in my head today. The words aren’t anything special, but I like the sound.

I’ve been lucky the last couple times that I’ve been in restaurants that their playlist was of original music, not flaky repro stuff by unknown bands. I stopped in a fast food joint on the far side of town to use the john the other day where that wasn’t the case. The beginnings of two songs played while I was there and on both, the band and singer sounded just like the originals for about two lines, then the sound went to total crap.

I’ve heard it said that one of the surest signs of old age is when the music of your youth starts turning up on the playlists of elevator music. That began about 10 years ago. So now you know folks; I’m officially over the hill! © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Wow I almost got a mental picture of you in the disco outfit but the picture just wouldn't materialize. I think I lose the image just as I start thinking of that line dance. Now I once was good at line dancing but it was to early 90s country songs and my outfit wasn't as spectacular but I do still wear the hat when it rains as nothing turns water like a good cowboy hat. We must have had similar good times back in the day.

Lady Locust said...

Ahem, please provide picture including leisure suit, disco shit and platform shoes. We would like to review for quality purposes only 😉

Ralph Goff said...

I've been there for a while already. Hearing the music I grew up with now played as oldies and "classic rock". I have to admit though, some of the modern "covers" of the old classics are not bad at all. In some cases I like the new version even better than the original.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - I'm sorta glad that image didn't come through for you, SF. As for hats, I had an old brown Stetson that I literally found on a deer trail in the snow with a deer track right in the middle of the crown. I cleaned it up and reblocked it with clothespins and wore it in the rain for years.

Sorry, LL, even back then, I wasn't stupid enough to leave evidence lying around! ;-)

That can happen, I guess, Ralph, but I suspect it's not the norm.