Thursday, June 8, 2017

Well, I Got ONE Thing Done Yesterday (and one today)!

I got my lawn mowed yesterday. It looked like rain for a while but the dark clouds blew on past. The first mowing this spring took five hours, since I had so many of last year’s leaves amongst the grass to chew up. The last mowing took only two, since the leaves were mostly gone and the grass wasn’t too high. This time, it took THREE hours, because I did some extra trimming around the edges with the mower that I don’t always do. I thought it looked pretty nice when I was done, but the missus complained as usual. She wants me to scalp the lawn, rather than mow it, but I always set the mower as high as it will go. Otherwise, I’d eventually end up with a dirt lawn.

I THINK I discovered a yellow-jacket nest in one bank. I need to check it out, since there were only a few around. If it turns out to be a nest, it’s the earliest I’ve ever located one. It’s usually at least August before they get to be noticeable. Incidentally, I hit several small holes in the lawn that didn’t used to be there. They were grassed over, not freshly dug. I finally figured out that they were where yellow-jacket nests from past years had settled in due to winter freezing and thawing. One was only about half the size of a soccer ball, but another was the size of a shoe box. I always just gas them, but don’t burn them or dig them out. My dad used to do both; I always wondered if it was some sort of revenge on the little devils, as the fumes alone will kill them. LOL

It didn’t seem much like work, as I was riding the mower those three hours, but when I finished, I was so worthless that I didn’t even TRY to do anything else.

Today was a bit different, though I STILL only got one thing done. I guess I COULD count going to the DMV to get my truck license, but that seemed more like a waste of time than “doing something.” Then, since we were close, the missus wanted to go to the Chinamart on the far side of town. Afterwards, since we had gotten up early, we ate an early lunch and we both took a long nap. Then we watched the 700 Club. Anymore, I only trust the news from them and FOX. Unfortunately, the missus then wanted me to take her “somewhere” (anywhere would have done, I think), so I loaded up the pooch and her and suggested Sam’s Club. The pooch and I walked around a little and then snoozed a little while the missus picked up a couple things we needed and one we didn’t.

While waiting, I DID manage to sharpen the “garden sickle” that I picked up in Amish country last weekend. The last owner had kept it sharp, so all it needed was touched up. I tried it out on some grass in one of Sam’s traffic islands and it worked just fine. I’d originally thought the handle would be too short. I believe though, that by leaning on my cane with my left hand as I use the sickle with my right, the length may be okay. Time will tell about the handle length, but sharpening the sickle was the ONE thing that I accomplished today.

Oh well, like Little Orphan Annie sings – “Tomorrow, tomorrow…!” © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I put gas on the nest and though it kills them, it is nice to toss a match in there and have that whoosh. I have gone up to the hole with a shovel and dug the nest out and spray it with spray but you have to be fast as slow will ruin your day.

Ralph Goff said...

I've noticed that too that riding a tractor, big or small, can wear me out more than if I'm working on my feet.

Vicki said...

Isn't it nice that we don't have to accomplish more than one thing in a day if we don't want to? I use that reasoning instead of admitting that I can't accomplish more than one thing sometimes. :)

Gorges Smythe said...

lol - I prefer gas to spray, SF!

I wonder if it's not all the jolting, Ralph.

Good point, Vicki! ;-)

Lady Locust said...

The fun thing about mowing is you can see the results of your labor - not like ironing where the pressed clothes are in a closet:)

Gorges Smythe said...

I've ironed a little in my time, LL, and all I can say is that a little goes a LONG way!