Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ain’t Technology Wonderful?

I haven’t been able to go online at home with my laptop since the old router went bad a couple years ago. No problem, I still have my desktop. However, it’s Windows XP and is slowly becoming worthless.  I decided to buy a new router, so I could once again use my laptop, which is Windows 7.

Well, I hooked the thing up just to the modem and my laptop said there was no internet connection. I hooked it up both to the modem and the desktop and it said the same thing. I tried it when the desktop was turned on and it said the same thing. I tried going online with everything hooked up and the desktop said it had no internet connection, either. I tested the wire and it was good. I rebooted 40 'leven times throughout all this, AND to get my desktop to work again after it all. I figure the router is either bad or incompatible with my system.

I guess I’ll be calling the cable company tomorrow to ask about compatibility, then I reckon I’ll have to go to Chinamart and take it back either way. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

It sounds like a bad router as it should have worked with a direct plug into one of the machines from your main internet wire or at least that is how mine works. Too bad we don't live closer, I could get your XP machine running on Linux for free as I am using it now on an old laptop that was an XP machine.

deborah harvey said...

daughter wants to know which version of linux sunnybrook is using,
thank you.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Hi Deborah
I use Ubuntu if I have a machine with enough RAM to run it as it has grown over the years to where it doesn't run well on old machines. It is very simple to use and installs with lest problems than XP once did.
On older machines I am using Puppy Linux which will run fine off of a CD but I install it to the hard drive as it runs better that way. The version of Puppy that I am using is Slacko Puppy which is based on Slackware Linux a very early distribution that is still in use.
I have had trouble with Firefox on windows and linux lately and I believe it is because of ad blocking but have no proof. The memory usage skyrockets for no reason and the machines won't work so in my recent install of Slacko, I put no ad ons of any kind into Firefox and memory use has not had any issues. It is as if the ad companies kick in some kind of denial of service program if they detect someone blocking the ads. No proof but if anyone notices slowness then look in that direction.
Here is a site to look at Linux:

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for replying, SF.

deborah harvey said...

many thanks, sunnybrook. don't have a clue what are saying but daughter will lap it up!