Friday, August 11, 2017

Foolishness And Self Absorption

A couple things I've seen on TV lately have sort of amazed me. The first are the commercials for expensive "meal components" or whatever you might want to call "selected" groceries delivered to your door with a recipe. Then you do all the prep and all the cooking and then sit down to a "gourmet" home-cooked meal.

Now firstly, if you know what you want to fix, I'm sure that you can buy the components cheaper locally. Secondly, even after doing all the work to prepare, cook and plate the meal, you could still have gone out to a nice restaurant just as cheaply for a lot less effort, and then you wouldn't have had to wash the dishes. I'm all for eating at home, but buy your own groceries for gosh sakes!

The other ad that actually torques me are the two young women so thrilled because they can sell their designer handbags at a loss for a still ridiculous price. I believe we are to assume that they'll NOT take that money to pay the rent, but to buy NEW designer handbags which they will soon grow tired of and sell, so they can buy yet NEWER designer handbags, "ad nauseum."

I will assume the women are actually living beyond their means, or they wouldn't NEED to sell their old handbags to buy new ones. I also assume that they must be fickle, or they wouldn't tire so quickly of a quality bag.Worst of all, while they're running around buying handbags that they apparently can't really afford, people are probably walking the streets hungry and homeless within tenths of a mile of their conspicuous consumption.

I find both of these scenarios ridiculously wasteful of money, but the last is repulsively so. © 2017


Vicki said...

Seems to me that those folks have their priorities seriously screwed up. I have my groceries delivered due to physical limitations, but half the order goes into food storage and the rest is ingredients for at least two weeks worth of meals. Gourmet meals are not on the menu - just food that will feed my family should disaster strike. But what do I know. I'm just one of those crazy preppers.

Oh, and handbag is close to 20 years old. :)

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - I'm SO relieved to know that, Vicki!

Pumice said...

And I am sure you will be glad to know I don't carry a handbag. If God had wanted me to carry a purse he would not have given me pockets.

Grace and peace.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

My grandfather knew confederate soldiers who told him about how they would fight over a rat in the trenches near Richmond toward the end of the war. Some day these wasteful people might be looking for gourmet rat recipes if the whole city food supply thing collapses. I imagine that a rat could be doctored up to taste like a squirrel which wouldn't be a bad thing.

Janet said...

Hi Vicki. You would be a friend if you lived nearby. I buy in bulk when I can and cook all my meals. My handbag is at least sixteen years old and it is my only handbag and I will cry salty tears over it when it wears out.

Gorges Smythe said...

Actually, Pumice, it wouldn't bother me a bit to carry a bag. It would give me a lot more room for my pistol.

Apparently, they taste just fine. I could tell you a couple stories on that! (No PERSONAL experience, mind you.) ;-)